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FROM Sale On

Heads up for a pre-xmas sale from sellers of fine graf t shirts FROM, only a few left of some designs apparently, so a bit of a clear out before the new year for those with their fingers on the buzzer.

See FROM from this link. From.

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Toasters At Temple Meads

Its all about the placement innit…

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Upfest Christmas Sale

The end of the week and its busyness draws ever closer, but here’s what seems to be the last of the Xmas shows for this year, one that slipped through the net at the end of last week, as it went back to the old skool, launching in real life before on the web.

Anyhoo, the chaps from UPFest are getting their show on down on Wilder Street in St Pauls at the moment, right through to the 24th. Here’s the flyer for the info…

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Rare Jeffrow On Jamaica Street

The PRSC Paint Experiment happened last weekend then, with anyone able to turn up and painted a board attached to the big boards they have at the Stokes Croft end of Jamaica Street. Guess the weather may have dampened it a little, as there’s not as much painting there as might have been expected.

That said, for those who know their Bristol graf, there’s something for sale down there that might be of interest. A Jeffrow ‘Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?’ stencil which may bring back memories. You hardly ever get a chance to get one, the last, indeed only one this blog has heard of was down at the Farm Pub in St Werburghs a few years back, this one in fact.

So here’s the one for sale down there now, a 50/50 split with the artist and PRSC. Seemed worth a heads up if anyone’s into actual ‘graffiti art’.

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Weapon Of Choice End Of Year Party Tonight

One massive line up down at Mr Wolf’s to end what’s been another great year for Weapon of Choice, bit of a hip hop extravaganza, with Shade1 and Cheo on the paint pens. Should be epic.

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Silent Hobo On Stokes Croft

Can’t be an improvement in the weather, so perhaps people have just got bored of waiting. Anyway, lots of painting going on around Stokes Croft over the weekend, including this one from Silent Hobo, over what Petro did a while back.

Long shot…

…and closer like.

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Flyposting And So On

Not entirely a graf thing, but flyer designs always been part of the bread and butter work artists get up to, and it’s only a small jump from there to the issue of flyposting. In fact, it’s odd in a way that whilst people design flyers, and some people do paste ups, that there’s not been much linking of flyposting as a form of ‘street art’.

Anyway, just to note a quick one. Apparently the council have launched another crackdown on flyposting across the usual spots (Whiteladies Road, The Centre, Gloucester Road, etc). It had been creeping up again after it was pretty much killed off a few years back to be fair.

A difficult one really, for many people it’s a valuable public service, letting them know what’s going on across the city. Those for whom it isn’t generally don’t much like it though, or so it’s said anyway.

However, the council looks to be doing something interesting with it this time, removing illegal flyposting, but also looking to provide legal spaces for it at the same time. Good stuff.

Wonder if they’ll be doing the same for grafurbanstreet art anytime soon?

Hat tip – Cllr Neil Harrison’s blog


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