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Stokes Croft China And Paint Experiment

When the flyer and the email for this came around, it looked like the sort of thing that might be a bit far out of the scope of the blog, despite it being put on by the PRSC folks.

As it turned out though, the Stokes Croft China show, which opened at the PRSC shop on Jamaica Street on Friday night, is actually pretty interesting.

Chris Chalkley of PRSC’s background is in the china and pottery trade, so it’s a natural progression for Stokes Croft China to be launched, a range of china and crockery items, all printed with different things related to the graf and arty goings on around Stokes Croft.

Here’s some of what’s there.

A huge load of ‘I love’ mugs…

With some familiar names.

Lots of other mugs too with images of work from around Stokes Croft over the last few years. Here’s some Dan ones…

…and this one, one of this blog’s personal Stokes Croft favourites from the last few years.

It’s not just mugs, why not treat yourself to a new, erm, toilet?

Or perhaps a Boswell plate?

The whole show’s properly presented, in display cabinets bought from Royal Worcester when it had a closing sale from a factory no less.

Here’s the logos…

…had thought thought put into them, a crown with ‘SCC’ for Stokes Croft China above.

It’s an interesting take on the work going on round Stokes Croft, and on until Christmas Eve, so have a wander down and judge for yourself if they’re fit to use the crown.

Incidentally, next weekend, there’s another ‘paint experiement’ going on. Must be 18 months or so ago now that Jamaica Street has a load of boards on it in front of the hostel with small pieces painted by lots of different folk. There’s going to be another one on the 5th and 6th December, here’s the idea.

Boards, canvas and other surfaces of various sizes will be provided and attached to the P.R.S.C’s Jamaica Street fence in Stokes Croft. Some painting materials will also be available – though contributions will be welcome – and anyone will be free to make an artwork on the 5th and 6th of December, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

After that, the works will remain on the Jamaica Street wall until sold, and as gaps appear, new boards will go up for painting.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere for a quick paint, wander down…

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Get Dring Mobile – The Photos

Top night down at Paintworks last night for the Get Dring Mobile auction, some great live painting outside, great music and a whole lot of bidding for a great guy. Well, bidding for art to raise money for a great guy, Mike himself of course not being for sale.

It was interesting to see how the bidding went. Some pieces were an absolute steal, other went for far more than you would ever have thought. As a wise man put it last night, ‘a picture’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it’. Stencil work still seems to be very much in fashion with the buyerati, wonder how much longer that will last.

In total, the auction raised something like £24,500, before you count in the bar receipts, pieces that sold outside of the auction and all sorts. So well on the way to getting Mike’s car sorted then, awesome stuff.

There’s more to come still too, lots of pieces left to be sold on Ebay very soon, including a lovely Will Barras that lots of people were coveting last night, so keep an eye out.

Here’s some photos from it all then, the live painting as it went along, and the works inside the auction as well.

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London Street Art Design Magazine

london street art design mag image

As sometimes mentioned, loads of stuff gets sent in these days from more than just your average dood with a camera. A lot of it’s commercial advertising stuff and doesn’t make the cut (note for viral marketing agencies – the simple clue for the kind of content that gets covered is in the blog’s title*), but some of it’s more interesting, even if it doesn’t completely fit the bill

This one isn’t massively Bristol related, nor graf related in many parts, although it does feature good Mr Boswell. The promo image doesn’t download completely and the press release was pretty incomprehensible. But then that’s all kinda fitting, cos it’s about the art and music of the acid house scene, and seemingly co-put together by a member of Spiral Tribe. Got to be worth a look then.

Here’s some of the chat about it, which might give you some idea of what it’s about, you never know.

London Street-Art Design (Issue Two) magazine is hot off the virtual press and pirating the subliminal streams of cyberspace as you read this. Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the heyday of Acid House, and the gleaming artistic revolution on our streets, this issue weaves together the strands of the underground into a 400 page explosion of lyrical colour. From the apocalyptic wonders of Boswell to the raw subversion of K-Guy and T.WAT – from the aerosol alchemy of Maxx Moses to the guerilla knitting of Knit the City and the artistic melting pot of the legendary 5 Pointz, this issue’s art spans the cutting edge spectrum with the human face as a recurring theme through the work of Gregos, Hugh Leeman and the I am Here project.

With insight flowing from every page, left field articles, fiction and poetry tie together the streams of modern consciousness and straddle the worlds of street art and the acid house generation. Interviews with the original pioneers of house music such as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Kevin Saunderson, CeCe Rogers, Tyree Cooper, DJ Pierre, Mr Fingers, Jesse Saunders Marshall Jefferson, and many more crackle with the flame of musical emancipation, and the players of the illegal warehouse matrix shine through the haze of time to synthesise 2 epic movements of our underground into a cross fertilization of creative freedom.

Best of all, it’s one of those free download ones, although we’ve not managed to get it to download here yet. Click here to have a go yourself if you fancy it, if the content is anything like it says, there could be some diamonds in the dirt.

*And we don’t take bribes or payment either.

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Get Dring Mobile – More Details

get dring mobile paris logo1

For those who don’t know about it, there’s background on the Get Dring Mobile auction coming up here. But for those who do, more details are now out about what’s going to be going on in a couple of weeks time. Here’s the chat…

The doors will be open from 11am to 9pm on Wednesday for a full days viewing of the works going under the hammer. Thursday will be a busy day with the opportunity for further viewing from 12pm.

There will be live painting by Mr Jago, Inkie, Lokey, Felix, Eelus, Xenz, Paris, Boswell, Vermin, Milk and Dora starting at 4pm and the auction including lots by Guy Denning, Pam Glew, Rowdy, Ian Francis and Nick Walker to name but a few, will commence at 7pm.

The work can be viewed on line at Dreweatts, and at Bidding can be made in person or live online at on the evening, commission bids will be taken with valid credit/debit card details prior to the event. If you wish to make a commission bid and to register for bidding please contact The GDM team on 07789 971273 or e-mail

The event will also include a fine art ‘mystery’ postcard sale featuring work from award winning artists from all over the world, many of which have shown in the BP portrait awards and with some having work in the National Portrait Gallery their work usually thousands. This sale therefore gives people the opportunity to purchase a piece of art that would usually cost a small fortune, for just £50.

We are also running a raffle to win a portrait painted by Vincent Brown, a multi award winning portrait and figurative artist from Bristol. Tickets will be available at the event and are also available now via the GDM blog at For more information about Vincent Brown and to see examples of his amazing work please visit his web-site at

Vince himself will be attending the event and will determine the winner of our very own portrait competition. We hope to see lots of you there, with live painting, music, beer and curry this promises to be a great night.

It does indeed.

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Round Stokes Croft September 09

There’s always so much going on around Stokes Croft, it’s not worth blogging every thing at every point. There’s been a fair bit more activity in new spots than usual of late though, so seemed timely to pull together a bit of an update. Starting from the top then, heading into town..

Paris back on these boards just down from the Croft. He’d have the full set of them…

paris patch

…if it wasn’t for Milk next door.

milk next to paris

This wall, opposite the ‘mild, mild west’ piece been an obvious candidate for painting for ages now. Was meant to be Inkie painting it at one point, but looks like Kai at this stage, not got details though.

hamilton house painting

Bit of a closer one.

hamilton house painting closer

The Boswell and Vermin work on these boards just next to the massage parlour lasted longer than it seemed it might at the start, but finally went a week or so ago. Nice to see it being kept as a graf based board, there’s been some good work on here.

stokes croft wildstyle

The 3Dom and Voyder head, having been dogged, got painted over pretty quickly. This is it round the start of the month…

zase partial

…and this is it now, with the other Paris piece next door.

paris and zase

Bit closer.


Further down, more Paris on the boards next to Roman Glass.


And the Attic Bar’s had a bit of a makeover, probably so people can tell where it is more easily. Looks like Haka’s been given the gig for it, this was it early on…

haka partial

…which turned into this at the end.

haka faces

Some tidy sign work too.

haka attic bar

So, there we are, Stokes Croft. A great place for street art and graffiti, with crap light for photography in the morning.

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Shows, Stuff To Do, Etc

Meh, slow blogging times again of late, sorry about that. Here’s some bits for you though.

First up, Threenine have got a show opening tonight down at the Severnshed (of ‘Banksy’s first proper show’ fame). Boswell, Lokey, Cheo, Jody amongst others, should be good.

threenine show severnshed

Second, there’s lots of opportunities out there at the moment for people who want to paint things, so if anyone fancies a paint do get in touch. Especially if you’re a city fan, or want to join a collective of arty types doing workshops and so on. Here’s the chat for the latter.

Kompany Malakhi’s education programme offers a range of high quality work that aims to offer engagement in the arts, inspirational tools to achieve and accessible opportunities to nurture. Kompany Malakhi is looking to develop a team of freelance artists to deliver workshops and projects in schools, colleges and community settings.

Kompany Malakhi is looking for –
*Contemporary Dancers
*Beat Boxers
*MC’s / spoken word artists
*Graffiti artists
*Creative writers
*Physical theatre practitioners
*Digital media artists

All those interested in applying should be experienced in leading and running workshops with a variety of participants.

If you’re interested in applying please contact Emily Bull, Education and Learning Co-ordinator on

Finally, the blog’s had a Twatter account for ages, but it’s been left unused as there’s not a lot to do with one it seems. Still, worth a punt, so if you fancy ‘following’ the blog on Twitter, then we’re here.

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Boswell And 3rd Eye Down At The Barracks

One from a few months ago this…

graff 008

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