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New Weapon Of Choice Magazine Out Now

…and it’s free to boot. With interviews with Andy Council, Acerone and lots of other goodness, have a wander over to the Weapon of Choice site to download yours now, or read it online indeed.

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Slight Return With A Few Shows

As happens occasionally, real life has got in the way of blogging. Sorry about that, doubly annoying as there’s lots of good stuff on at the moment.


First up, the Burning Candy show opens tonight down at the Emporium on Stokes Croft. Should be great, and alongside it, the building next to Metropolis on Cheltenham Road has just has a load of scaffolding and sheeting removed to reveal a huge Burning Candy production over the whole thing. Looks great, but can’t find any photos on the web as yet, so if someone happens to get some and wants to send them in, that would be very cool indeed.


If you fancy something on more of an arty tip this evening though, then Andy Council’s doing a talk about his work down at the Watershed tonight, which should be pretty darn interesting.


Looking ahead a bit further, Acer’s keeping on a roll, and has got a photography show organised at the Golden Lion further up the Gloucester Road with Okermedia.

It opens this Saturday (7th November) with free entry and music from saxaphonist James Morton (collaborator with peewee ellis and fred wesley of the JBs), so should be a top night all round.

More blogging soon. Promise. In the meantime, if anyone’s got stuff they want blogging, do send it on it.

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More Acer Suspension Bridges For Grabs

A quick heads up for you on this one. Following the Triple Drop show, Acer apparently had loads of inquiries about his mini Clifton Suspension Bridge canvas/print/hand finished jobbies. Or, as he calls them ‘5 colour hand-pulled screen print on high quality deep edged box canvas, black acrylic and spray paint background’. Which sounds better to be honest.

So, he’s putting together another run of them, and if you fancy your own custom one, you’ve got until the end of this month to get in touch and let him know what background colour you’d fancy it having. So, kind of a mini commission. He’s got colours like these racked up so far, but the Belton colour pallete is (probably) your oyster.

£75 a shot, which isn’t too shabby at all, given one just sold at the Get Dring Mobile auction last week for £160. So, if you’re still after one of these (christmas shopping is coming up fast for one thing) then head over here to find out more.

Incidentally, Acer also won the Second Look photography competition we mentioned recently, as voted for by real people on the internets. So if you’re one of the many that backed the winning horse on this one, then why not head down to Photographique on Baldwin Street (number 31) tonight (Wednesday) from 6:30pm to have a little drinkie and watch a beaming man collect his prize.

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Get Dring Mobile – The Photos

Top night down at Paintworks last night for the Get Dring Mobile auction, some great live painting outside, great music and a whole lot of bidding for a great guy. Well, bidding for art to raise money for a great guy, Mike himself of course not being for sale.

It was interesting to see how the bidding went. Some pieces were an absolute steal, other went for far more than you would ever have thought. As a wise man put it last night, ‘a picture’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it’. Stencil work still seems to be very much in fashion with the buyerati, wonder how much longer that will last.

In total, the auction raised something like £24,500, before you count in the bar receipts, pieces that sold outside of the auction and all sorts. So well on the way to getting Mike’s car sorted then, awesome stuff.

There’s more to come still too, lots of pieces left to be sold on Ebay very soon, including a lovely Will Barras that lots of people were coveting last night, so keep an eye out.

Here’s some photos from it all then, the live painting as it went along, and the works inside the auction as well.

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Somethings For The Weekend

Busy old weekend of stuff coming up, lots of painting across the city and beyond. Some of it you won’t see for a bit, but other bits are more of a social affair.


First up, something that’s got a proper buzz going about it, the results of some hardcore planning and painting, the Triple Drop show by Acer, Dicy and Ziml down at the Centrespace gallery in the centre. It’s a show designed to price work fairly, and it’s looking like being up there as one of the shows of the year. Opening tonight (email for an invite if you’re quick), then running through until next Tuesday only.

Here’s a few teaser images for you…





Next up…

montpelier bean feast

…over in Montpelier on Saturday, they’re bringing back the Montpelier Bean Feast, a festival from the 1700’s. Lots going on, but of relevance to the blog is that loads of the garage doors up on St Andrews Road are getting painted by a bunch of folk. Line up not confirmed yet, some graf based, some not, but some big names by the look of it. Should be a fun day out.


Also on Saturday, further afield in Weston, there’s a massive load of painting going on at the Weston Paint Jam. There’s been talk of it getting cancelled, but it’s definitely on, painting at the Tropicana. Line up so far is MCL, SPQR, Frisky, Matti, Nine-0, Stickee, Elmo, NathanaelDraws, JK47, Khoi, Kone1972, Dead Posh and Prankz, with a few more in the pipeline too.

Loads on then, open doors day on Saturday too which is always interesting. The weather forecast’s looking dandy for Saturday and Sunday, so get off your computer and go and see real things!

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Friend And Co Shows And News And That

Bit more event news for you, this time from the ever on form Friend and Co Gallery.

Tonight sees the opening of a new show by Russel ‘Gasface’ Maurice, 7:30pm opening, beer and merriment as usual!

RM flyer1

Then next week (Thursday 27th August), there’s another of their shows south of the river at the Spotted Cow in Bedminster. Last one was a cracker, and a really fun venue too, so well worth heading down to for a pint or two. Huge list of names for it too…

this spot4

Then, in early October, Bristol’s, and possibly the world’s, smallest art gallery comes to an end! Not that they’re closing, but that they’re off to a larger and more central venue, opening with a group show of Eine, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Will Barras and Xenz.


Nurse, the screens!

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Dicy, Acer And Ziml – Triple Drop


Heads up for a new show coming up next month at the Centrespace Gallery on Leonard Lane, ‘Triple Drop’, by Dicy, Acer and Ziml of the legendary TCF.

Really good idea for a show this, only a short run from the Saturday 12th September (10am – 5pm) to Tuesday 15th September (11am – 3pm the other days), but most important, the artists are covering the costs themselves, so they can charge what they think the pieces should cost, without having to put up with the stupidly high gallery mark ups you can sometimes get.

So, definitely worth getting along to if you fancy picking up something in a slightly more affordable way than the normal ‘scene’. Interestingly, Xenz made sure there were some very affordable pieces at his last show too, the TCF really are top chaps.

If you want to make sure you can get what you want, there’s an invite only preview evening on the Friday 11th for the show as well, email invite AT to get yours. In the meantime, there’s more on it here on Acer’s blog, here’s the flyer, and the show’s got a website here as well.

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