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Upfest ’09 – A Day Of Pictures

So, Upfest today then, that odd egalitarian mix of people painting, from people fairly new to basic stenciling to some of the biggest names, certainly in Bristol, over the last 20 years or more.

Was a fun day, tons going on, and there will be photos from it all over the web anyway. In some places the only people not painting were those taking photos of people painting. So, this blog just concentrated on Bristol related people, and in some of the less popular spots a bit too. One of the good things about this year was the number of different places to paint, from the Tobacco Factory itself, to a disused garage nearby, to a pub and some boards put up alongside the new cut, complete with occasional steam train.

Here’s some of what went on (if you click on the picture twice you get biggerness)

Some work’s not finished yet (there was still a load of unpainted board by the river towards the end of the day for one), and some pieces are well worth going back to get finished photos for. Possibly more soon then…

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The Blog Paints A Merc – The Finale

Well, not the blog painting a car obviously, that would be absurd, for so many reasons. But a guy got in touch a good while back looking for people to paint his car inna Bristol style, and first to step up to it were 3rd Eye and Dan.

Still left the front to do though, so Sepr got on that one, with 3rd Eye coming back to finish off his work as a joint effort.

Turned out really nice, a proper one off.

Left side…

sepr and 3rd eye on a merc

…right side…

sepr and 3rd eye right side

…and more towards the front…

sepr and 3rd eye right front

…finally Sepr all over the bonnet.

sepr on the bonnet

If anyone else fancies a summer paint job hooking up, get in touch!


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