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Haiti Fundraiser With Graf Antics Tonight!

If you’re not heading to the Bristol Gallery show tonight, or even if you are and you somehow happen to get round the quality work in a shortish time, then there’s something you should head over to at Metropolis.

It’s a fundraiser for a couple of charities in Haiti doing good work, and as ever the graf community has stepped up to help.

Amongst other things being auctioned, there’s work by 3rd Eye, Sepr and a special ‘friends only’ edition of an early Nick Walker Vandal print, donated by someone with a pedigree all of their own. There’s a small reserve on it natch, but if you’re into your Bristol graf, you could do much worse than be down there for a cheeky bid, you never know what will happen at auctions.

It’s compered by the inimitable Art Tart, and there’s all sorts of other antics going on too, burlesque, belly dancing and a dood playing a saw. Dubrovnik DJ set too, top stuff. Metropolis is an ace venue since they sorted the sound out, so why not warm up for the weekend and give some money to people who need it more than we can imagine right now?

£6 on the door, 7pm to 2am, you know it makes sense. More chat on Facebook if you need it.

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Green Bastid In Henleaze

Fresh in today from 3rd Eye AKA The Green Bastid, this from up in Henelaze, the paint still presumably dampish given the weather.

Top man for getting this done, if these are the boards they look like then they’ve needed brightening up for ages, and getting that much painted on a day this cold warrants special mention too.

Up on Henleaze ‘high street’ off the Downs by the look of it, go check them out.

Update: Bigger, closer, wider. Be the clicker, enjoy the reward.

Check out the Green Bastid blog too, a welcome addition to the ether.

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3rd Eye And Mr Jago In Weston Super Mare

On the surface of it, it might sound light a bit of an unlikely combo, graf artist 3rd Eye and self professed ‘not a writer’ Mr Jago. But that’s the thing about Bristol isn’t it, the vast majority of people aren’t too precious, and things grow and develop precisely because people of all different styles work alongside each other.

So, this is these two out in Weston-super-mare, painting a subway tunnel, and doing a damn fine job of it.

Here’s the 3rd Eye end of the tunnel, with a Jago hand on the fills.


And a Jago/3rd Eye combo end…


…bit closer, quite a lovely shot in a way…


…and some proper detail. Nice one.


If you fancy wandering down to see this, the whole of the inside of the tunnel is painted too, another youth project, but a bastard to get a photo of cos of the light. Turned out nice despite the circumstances (surface to paint on), so definitely worth a look.

Incidentally, if you’re still not fully up on the world of 3rd Eye/Green Bastid, then these links will help you fix that…


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Massive Green Bastid

Fresh in from this weekend, a huge piece by 3rd Eye out on a house in Keynsham. Props to him for the photos, and Jonny Rench for sorting it out apparently. Nice work.






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3rd Eye Out And About

Couple of recent bits from 3rd Eye for you, first one down in the St Werburgh’s Tunnel on Mina Road, a pretty popular spot for a paint these days thanks to PRSC.


This one was done as part of the Bristol Harbour Festival, not sure exactly where, but go hunting round that way if you fancy a first hand view.


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Boswell And 3rd Eye Down At The Barracks

One from a few months ago this…

graff 008

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From Blog To Post

Remember this and this? Well, if you want to see some more shots of the car and a bit of the story behind it, the Evening Post has covered it today.

So far no ‘all graffiti is bad no matter what’ comments either, result!

UPDATE: Congratulations to ‘Sam, Bristol’, who wins a lifetime’s supply of Banksy originals for his commenting skills on the EP site.

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