Happy Christmas!

Lawks, 2 weeks since the last post here. Sorry, swine flu returned to blog towers. Very dull.

Anyway, it’s christmas, so here’s your traditional festive reminder to get the hell off the internet and go and have fun with real people!

Happy christmas one and all…


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5 responses to “Happy Christmas!

  1. Ernesto Priego

    Happy new year! Wondering what you thought of this, if you care to comment… cheers.

    • bristolgraffiti

      Nothing really. Artist paints over artist and egos get involved, hardly a new or unhealthy phenomenon. We’d only have fading Buntlack and dodgy wildstyle to be photographing these days if that didn’t happen.

  2. kochy

    greetings bristolgraffiti, nice blog

    i’m a bristol street photographer.

    you can check my photographic walks at http://www.dontforgetthesun.wordpress.com, if you’ve nothing better to do

    i’m adding a link to you


  3. Paddy

    ello, why not updates recently?

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