Flyposting And So On

Not entirely a graf thing, but flyer designs always been part of the bread and butter work artists get up to, and it’s only a small jump from there to the issue of flyposting. In fact, it’s odd in a way that whilst people design flyers, and some people do paste ups, that there’s not been much linking of flyposting as a form of ‘street art’.

Anyway, just to note a quick one. Apparently the council have launched another crackdown on flyposting across the usual spots (Whiteladies Road, The Centre, Gloucester Road, etc). It had been creeping up again after it was pretty much killed off a few years back to be fair.

A difficult one really, for many people it’s a valuable public service, letting them know what’s going on across the city. Those for whom it isn’t generally don’t much like it though, or so it’s said anyway.

However, the council looks to be doing something interesting with it this time, removing illegal flyposting, but also looking to provide legal spaces for it at the same time. Good stuff.

Wonder if they’ll be doing the same for grafurbanstreet art anytime soon?

Hat tip – Cllr Neil Harrison’s blog


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4 responses to “Flyposting And So On

  1. Ben

    One of the problems with removing flyposters, is that the private contractors employed often leave the mulched mess they remove all over the pavement, and the scraped blasted wall/window left behind rarely looks any better.

    • Alex Campbell

      When I was a student in Exeter, they had a great thing where there were pillars placed around town in various spots designated for fly posting. always proved really popular and you could pretty much find out what was goin on that weekend from one visit to a pillar

  2. dead yoke

    “Wonder if they’ll be doing the same for grafurbanstreet art anytime soon?”

    as far as legal spaces go, they provided (with the help of FLX) the ‘grafurbanstreet art’ community with the Riverside legal wall in 2008 and the police have been turning a blind eye to the painting in Dame Emily park since the late 80s. I’m not sure about the St Werburghs tunnel – is it owned by Railtrack? – but they are turning a blind eye to that too.

    I am not the biggest fan of BCC but fairs fair, they seem to be a lot more open-minded than the elected goons of many other towns and cities.

    • bristolgraffiti

      No definitely. At the same time though, those are ‘decriminalised’ walls in a way, more than ones particularly enshrined in a formal policy. Would have been nice to have seen them included in the formal policy they just been through, seems there’s a lack of knowledge of where there is to paint in the city for one, at least amongst people who haven’t painted much before.

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