New Xenz Work…

Wouldn’t normally blog this sort of thing, but this press release was a classic. Who knew that Xenz had an almost eidetic ability? Probably as many as those who know what it means. Here’s the rest…

Known as the ‘Monet of graffiti’, Xenz demonstrates an almost eidetic ability, so extraordinary is the cohesion between his mind, memory and spray can. His innovations in the study of aerosol art allow this influential artist to walk up to a wall or canvas and paint an epic landscape from his imagination. Combining futuristic fantasy with strong architectural and soft natural dreamscapes, the graffiti scion uses the spray can to capture fragments of memory and ever-changing subject matter, often drawn from the natural world.

This is nice though, something that hadn’t been shouted about too much before…

“If I can create awareness of the natural world through this urban art form known as graffiti then I’m happy. I donate a percentage of money made from my bird paintings to the RSPB. It’s not all about darkness and anger; sometimes it’s nice to be nice, and besides, graffiti originates from caves as well as subways.”

Anyway, new work out now, though the website’s down so you have to email. Here’s some snaps of stuff that have been sent over though, lovely as ever.


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4 responses to “New Xenz Work…

  1. dead yoke

    a few years ago i compared one of his paintings to Monet – i confess that i was sort of half winding him up at the time – but to his credit he was having none of it.

    that press release though, wow…

  2. Frankie Bones

    Wow in a good way or a bad way?!

  3. Good for him – donating to the RSBP, nice to see that kind of benevolence in these dark days and from a great artist too.


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