New Ziml On Stokes Croft

Fresh as you like, this one. That ‘Drop a Clone’ production by Vermin and visitors seemed to get a lot of love, but nothing ever last forever, so Ziml’s headed out across the entire space himself, sometime today by the looks of it.



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6 responses to “New Ziml On Stokes Croft

  1. Liam

    I saw him doing it around 11:15 or so, but by that time it was nearly finished.

  2. Ben

    Superb – the mostly-green one he did round on Jam St opposite the studios is gorgeous as well

  3. Frankie Bones

    that background is off the scale…

  4. JJ

    the old piece was better. lame.

  5. Hot 110

    It is depressing to watch the thirtysomething taggers overwhelming Stokes Croft and the St Werburghs tunnel with their boring dad-graff (you may be familiar with its aural cousin dad-rock). Go back to Bemmy skatepark please!

    I remember the original PRSC policy towards pieces comprised solely of warped letters was that they were to be avoided in favour of street art with a wider mass appeal – i.e characters, etc.

    The Mina Road tunnel had something for everyone when it started its ‘continuous art’ project in 2008. Now its just end-to-end nicknames of silly boys. Most of them can’t seem to put their egos aside for five minutes to paint a cartoon character for local kids.

    Drop A Clone indeed…

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