dot com wall

Dot Com Wall

Dot Com Wall

4 responses to “dot com wall

  1. FLX ONE

    Fucking bunch of art fags, the lot of ’em. I heard the ‘Fuck Dot Com’ canvas went for £900. Is this post-post-modern de/reconstructed identity irony as (un) affordable art?

  2. Art is only ‘worth’ what someone is willing to pay for it – obviously if that person parting with their hard earned is misinformed/deluded/clueless as to what they are buying is another argument entirely.

    That said I’d say that canvas is (in my opinion) the most ‘honest’ piece on that wall.


  3. Hot 110

    900 quid??? not bad for a one-year-wonder who had more talent for skipping court than actually doing graffiti

    • bristolgraffiti

      Think FLX may have been joking, the price, if memory serves, was £150, of which the usual set up would be for half to go to the gallery anyway. Not sure if it sold or not either.

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