Wild Dayz Book By Beezer

More on this soon, but just a quick heads up. Just in case there’s not already enough going on on the 11th December, there’s a launch of a new book at the City Museum up by the Triangle.

It’s by Beezer, who was around the Bristol scene in the 1980’s, and had the good sense to take photos of everything whilst he was at it. Saw an annotated copy of the book a few weeks back, and it really is well done, tons of photos from around Bristol, Wild Bunch parties, St Pauls Carnival and even Glastonbury Festival.

The launch at the museum should be interesting, there’s a book signing, a showing of a specially commissioned film about the scene by Steve Haley. Looks like the museum’s started spending the money it said it was going to on ‘graffiti art’ a short while back, as two big new commissioned works by Inkie and Ian Dark are going to be on display too.

Being the museum, it’s an RSVP sort of affair, so email linda.bryant AT bristol.gov.uk by Wednesday the 9th to go along.

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