Secret Wars Bristol – Saturday Night

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So, Secret Wars is rolling into town tomorrow night. It’s been an odd one this a bit, info on it’s been light on the ground until late in the day, and lots of people you’d think would have heard about it don’t seem to have done, so not sure how ‘graffy’ it’s going to be.

It’s at Blue Mountain on Saturday night though, and the info they’re putting out on Facebook promises a lot, so who knows?

Secret Wars has finally arrived in Bristol town. We wanted to do this right and give everyone in Bristol something to shout about.

The same rules apply, you know the format by now. 90 minutes on the clock, black edding pens, go big or go home….standard.

We’ve got a great line up, which will be announced closer to the time. So keep checking the site,

Richard Ashworth and Mark Anthony are dealing with the music supply on both floors of the Blue Mountain Club. There’s going to be a load of blank boards set up around the place for all you budding artists.

Remember, Secret Wars is launching a euro league in 2010 and we’re scouting for artists to represent Bristol. So this is your chance to get yourself and your work out there.

It’s a battle style format, as they say

The Secret Wars concept is a one on one art battle between two artists using black marker pens on a white [battle ground] board. The idea being to out draw and humiliate your opponents character/city/crew/logo

Representing London are Disco Teck and Mr Gauky, whilst representing Bristol are Andy Council and Lorenzo. Which in the context of the above seems a bit odd in a way, as at least one of those two would be the first to admit he’s not a battling writer.

That said, rather than a one off thing, it looks like the event’s going to be;

a showcase event (to) give artists and public an opportunity to understand the secret wars concept and find out about the Bristol team selection process.

So it’s not the main thing then, more something to get people knowing about and interested in the chance to apply to be in the Bristol team for the Secret Wars events coming up across Europe.

So, it’s Blue Mountain, there’s painting, music and a bar, and sounds like you can have a paint too if you fancy. Definitely worth wandering down to, not least for the sight of the ever illin’ Andy Council battling to burn someone else’s crew to a soundtrack of phat beats.

Worth getting in touch with them if you fancy representing Bristol across Europe too it seems.

Will be interested to see what happens on the night.


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16 responses to “Secret Wars Bristol – Saturday Night

  1. Andy Council

    ‘the ever illin’ Andy Council battling to burn someone else’s crew to a soundtrack of phat beats’

    HAHA. Hope I’m not up too late so I can get up in time to watch Country Tracks on Sunday.

  2. Country Tracks was really good last week – I particuarly enjoyed the report about the demise of the Norfolk accent.

  3. Andy Council

    Darn! Missed that bit but caught the section on the guys who cut willow.

  4. a non y mouse

    did country tracks replace country file?

    • Yes – I think CT has replaced CF. John Craven is still there though so panic over.

      • bristolgraffiti

        CF’s still there, just gone to primetime, 7pm Sunday, not long after songs of praise. It’s not what it was though, they’ve sold out with the move to a more mainstream audience. Glad to hear C-dog’s still keeping it real.

  5. Hot 110

    frankly i’ve always preferred Open Country on Radio 4. the ‘listen again’ feature on the web is a life saver too. not many “phat beats” to be heard though sadly…

  6. Bilko

    CF on at 7pm Sunday?
    I had that slot Sky+’ed for Antiques Roadshow…

  7. Bilko

    Dont you mean Harry Secombe CBE?
    Songs of Praise. Now ya talkin’…

  8. Andy Council

    This Graffiti business is old news – Sunday TV is the hot new thing and you should do the blog about that now instead. I’ve been getting into cash in the attic of late also. It’s not as high brow as Antiques Roadshow, but it gets me through the day. It even has a few phat beats thrown in every now and then.

    • bristolgraffiti

      A spin off blog, you could be on to something. The tunes they play on those daytimes shows can be pretty good, always put it down to them letting low paid researchers fresh out of college sort them out for them.

  9. who said it was a “graffy” affair???!

    Secret Wars is a battle between artists – not just graff but all kinds of illustrators and styles!

    markers used, no spray cans!


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