News From Weapon Of Choice

Blog one show, and suddenly you find there’s a ton more to blog as well. More of that throughout the day, but let’s start with the ever busy chaps at Weapon of Choice.

The Nikill Show’s still on, and looks as grand as it does reasonably priced, definitely worth checking out, photos in a bit when the shiny new camera stops being shiny and new and starts actually downloading photos.

Next up is the launch of the Cheo colouring book, which has been a while coming but is looking great judging by the photos out there. Jer Forceone’s got a brilliant write up with preview photos for it, so head over to his blog to check them out. It’ll be being launched at the Weaon of Choice Gallery on St Michael’s Hill on Thursday 3rd December, with the man himself there to sign copies for you. There’s more about the event over on Facebook too.

Shortly after that, Tuesday 11th December, the regular Weapon of Choice night down at Mr Wolf’s is turning into a bit of a hip hop spectacular with a massive line-up to end the year. Painting from Cheo and Shadeone, again Facebook’s your place for info. Weapon of Choice is going to be two years old in January too, and there’s talk of a massive painting session for that at the moment as well, so keep an eye out.

Finally, there’s a big end of year group show up there opening on the 11th of December, with a line up including the following folks, with more still being added.

Jody, Lokey, Kato, Jeff Row, Acer, Inkie, Kid Zoom, Fake, 45rpm, Lorenzo, Dylan Shipley, Soker, Nikill, Song, Bevlak, Cheba, Copyright, Iain Sellar, Hoekon, Flo, Danimal, James Starr and Loch Ness

If somehow you’re still unconvinced, there’s promise of mince pies and mulled wine on the opening night too. What more do you need?

Incidentally, if you fancy a free Cheba print, you’ve got til the 30th of this month to sign up to the Weapon of Choice newsletter (top left of the page here), when two names will be drawn at random to win one of the prints below. Worth a punt for the cost of an email address for sure.

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