Barton Hill Youth Club Still Going

As mentioned a couple of times before, the legendary Barton Hill Youth Club is still there, and has recently had people going back to paint again. Not the free space it used to be, painting’s only been on a few of organised weekends, but it’s slowly coming together.

That said, the place is under threat of demolition in the next couple of years at the moment, a decision that people will no doubt come to regret in a few years time if it does happen. So, more painting coming up in the new year probably, but here’s a bit of what’s there now…

Here’s the courts in a wide shot at the moment…

…bit of Cheo…

…Jody (not quite finished)…

…and Shade SOP.

When people first got back there, an old Banksy was found under layers of peeling paint, and here’s another bit that’s still just about there after the trials of time, ‘Art’ by Chaos and Shab, from 20 years or so ago…

…and a bit closer.

This place really shouldn’t be pulled down, there’s so much more could still be done with it, and if this city cares about its history, then there’s some modern archaeology right here.

Will get some more photos soon, thanks to Jody for these pics.


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2 responses to “Barton Hill Youth Club Still Going

  1. bear

    hi i was told banksy did the hoodey face and tagged it jody in his wifes name? i no there is a jody spray painter, who done it was i told a porky?

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