Brought Down By The Pigs…

A needlessly bad boy title for a much more mundane post sadly. Just as more time came free for blogging, swine flu struck blog towers. As a test for it is apparently ‘if you saw a fiver on the pavement, you wouldn’t bend down to pick it up’, that’s another week of blogging missed. Bugger.

Still though, the world continues. Here’s a few bits as an update…

Picture 15

Nikill’s show opened up at the Weapon of Choice Gallery on Thursday, which is doubtless good, one to check out this weekend if you’re well.


Secret Wars is coming to Bristol too in a fortnight, Bristol vs London down at the Blue Mountain on Stokes Croft. Here’s the chat so far

Our aim is to source artists from the area to form a team to represent bristol in europe. As well as the main battle event there will be facilities for artists to display their skills. The whole event will be backed up by a soundtrack of funk and hip hop from our DJs.

More soon…


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2 responses to “Brought Down By The Pigs…

  1. bonecrack

    ha but will they bother turning up this time?

  2. a non y mouse

    on the nikill flyer it says that it opens on thur 13th but by my reckoning thur is the 12th???

    but what do i know?

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