Slight Return With A Few Shows

As happens occasionally, real life has got in the way of blogging. Sorry about that, doubly annoying as there’s lots of good stuff on at the moment.


First up, the Burning Candy show opens tonight down at the Emporium on Stokes Croft. Should be great, and alongside it, the building next to Metropolis on Cheltenham Road has just has a load of scaffolding and sheeting removed to reveal a huge Burning Candy production over the whole thing. Looks great, but can’t find any photos on the web as yet, so if someone happens to get some and wants to send them in, that would be very cool indeed.


If you fancy something on more of an arty tip this evening though, then Andy Council’s doing a talk about his work down at the Watershed tonight, which should be pretty darn interesting.


Looking ahead a bit further, Acer’s keeping on a roll, and has got a photography show organised at the Golden Lion further up the Gloucester Road with Okermedia.

It opens this Saturday (7th November) with free entry and music from saxaphonist James Morton (collaborator with peewee ellis and fred wesley of the JBs), so should be a top night all round.

More blogging soon. Promise. In the meantime, if anyone’s got stuff they want blogging, do send it on it.

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