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Art And Sound Book Launch


It’s the official launch of the ‘Art and Sound of the Bristol Underground‘ book tonight down at the Arnolfini if you fancy it. The authors will be signing copies, there’s a bar (obviously), and Krissy Kris, one of the DJs from the book, will be playing some tunes too. 6-11pm, free entry, what’s not to like?

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Painting Down The Bearpit – The Results

Blogged it happening before, but didn’t get a chance to go back and get photos of the finished thing for a while. Nice big mural down in the Bearpit (St James Barton Roundabout for those abroad), proving that there might yet be hope for brightening up one of the most run down parts of the centre.

Really nice work, fits in with all the wildflowers that were planted down there a couple of years back, apparently by the council surprisingly. They’ve gone over a bit now, but should look even better next summer.

bear pit wall

Bit of detail on the bees…

bearpit detail

…and on the other side. Spot Stokes Croft in there.

bearpit stokes croft pic

And the credits, some names you may recognise, and perhaps not expect to be doing this sort of stuff.

bearpit credits

Nice work. Hope it’s just the start of doing something to brighten that place up and encourage people to use it more, rather than just trying to design out people congregating there (check the individual metal seats next time you’re there. They look absurd).

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More Acer Suspension Bridges For Grabs

A quick heads up for you on this one. Following the Triple Drop show, Acer apparently had loads of inquiries about his mini Clifton Suspension Bridge canvas/print/hand finished jobbies. Or, as he calls them ‘5 colour hand-pulled screen print on high quality deep edged box canvas, black acrylic and spray paint background’. Which sounds better to be honest.

So, he’s putting together another run of them, and if you fancy your own custom one, you’ve got until the end of this month to get in touch and let him know what background colour you’d fancy it having. So, kind of a mini commission. He’s got colours like these racked up so far, but the Belton colour pallete is (probably) your oyster.

£75 a shot, which isn’t too shabby at all, given one just sold at the Get Dring Mobile auction last week for £160. So, if you’re still after one of these (christmas shopping is coming up fast for one thing) then head over here to find out more.

Incidentally, Acer also won the Second Look photography competition we mentioned recently, as voted for by real people on the internets. So if you’re one of the many that backed the winning horse on this one, then why not head down to Photographique on Baldwin Street (number 31) tonight (Wednesday) from 6:30pm to have a little drinkie and watch a beaming man collect his prize.

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Round Stokes Croft

Stokes Croft long ago became a bit of a Dean Lane, pointless keeping on top of with a blog, because it all changes so fast. It’s slowed down a bit recently though, and it’s been a while, so time for a bit of a snapshot as of the last week.

These boards next to the Junction are still getting some good work on them, will be a shame to see them go once the development behind them (where Mary’s shop was) finishes. Would hazard to put a name on them, but after last time, anyone want to confirm?

boards next to junction

Above that, this piece will be passing some people by at the moment, but should look great once the scaffolding’s down. 3Dom and Voyder if memory serves.

3dom hidden long shot

Here’s a bit of a closer one.

3dom hidden close up

The Kai et al Limited Press piece looks pretty much done now. Nice big advert for them on a main road. Shame about the scaffolding still obscuring it, guess it’s a security thing?

kai limited press piece

Further up, these boards have needed redoing for a while, especially now a bit of boards been turned round or replace on them. Someone’s done a quick character on the gap recently though, shouldn’t think it will take long for them to get redone fully.

KTF board with quick character

Interesting in a way, Stokes Croft is doing really well as a result of all the work that’s being ut up around it, yet a lot of it depends on the place being run down and shops covered with boards. If the project carries on working and getting more people and businesses coming back to the area, then it will start destroying its own space for pieces and productions. It risks being a literal victim of its own success.

Incidentally, one other thing that’s gone up round the place recently are police/community safety signs warning people about CCTV, violence, and arrest amongst other things.

Photo: PRSC

Hardly cheery messages for an area that’s trying to improve its reputation as a nice place to visit right now, and according to PRSC they were put up without community consultation. Apparently a local councillor, Jon Rogers, is already on the case, but if you want to see them taken down too, it wouldn’t hurt to email him on AT


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Readers Wives At Dean Lane

As mentioned before, the good guys from Guernsey have been over for the last week or so, enjoying a break and a bit of a paint.

Legal walls aren’t a noted feature of Guernsey, so here’s a bit of action from them down in Dean Lane over the weekend, Bedminster’s very own tourist attraction.

Deaner Wall



and another shot from Weapon of Choice last Tuesday, further along in the evening than this blog managed.



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Paris And Xenz – Badverts For Hire

This just in from two gentlemen of the TCF. Mess with them, and they’ll let people know. First target, Stokes Croft, where the word of the badvert is straightforward to spread.


Here’s the official statement.

We warned the guy in so called “Best” Supermarket on Stokes Croft that if he ripped us off with a 68p Wispa we would write it on a wall…..

Paris & Xenz, 2009

The guy with an expensive Wispa though may have started a new public service. The statement goes on to say…

Got a gripe?, Been ripped off ? We can help, big words for hire, coming to a wall near you soon, next target, those sharks in Cartridge world….

If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire, the Badvert team.


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Hillgrove Street Shop Painted Over


An hour or so ago the Paris pieces on Hillgrove Street were painted over. All sorts going on apparently, proper permission not sorted out, owner annoyed, Police get involved, all seems to have ended ok though.

Miss B has the more of the story.


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