Hillgrove Street Boards Black Again

After them getting repainted again a couple of weeks ago with a more political message than normal, it seems the Hillgrove Street boards have been repainted black again. Not got a photo, but you all know what they look like when black by now.

Seems it might have been at the owner’s request though, apparently he was heard shouting “This is not a free painting space anymore”. Feel sorry for the bloke in a way, he tries to do something good to help brighten up the local community and ends up in a world of hassle between the council, painters and police.

Given the last work done on there (in the link above) wasn’t done with permission initially, perhaps Stokes Croft needs a system of signs giving the status of each painting wall there. Those that are open to paint whenever, those that need permission and those that are off limits. Not in the spirit of graf, but then Stokes Croft is more ‘Street Art’ these days anyway isn’t it. Just a thought, feel free to flame it in the comments!

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One response to “Hillgrove Street Boards Black Again

  1. Typowriter

    That shop is about to reopen again which would kind of explain why.

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