Painting Down The Bearpit – The Results

Blogged it happening before, but didn’t get a chance to go back and get photos of the finished thing for a while. Nice big mural down in the Bearpit (St James Barton Roundabout for those abroad), proving that there might yet be hope for brightening up one of the most run down parts of the centre.

Really nice work, fits in with all the wildflowers that were planted down there a couple of years back, apparently by the council surprisingly. They’ve gone over a bit now, but should look even better next summer.

bear pit wall

Bit of detail on the bees…

bearpit detail

…and on the other side. Spot Stokes Croft in there.

bearpit stokes croft pic

And the credits, some names you may recognise, and perhaps not expect to be doing this sort of stuff.

bearpit credits

Nice work. Hope it’s just the start of doing something to brighten that place up and encourage people to use it more, rather than just trying to design out people congregating there (check the individual metal seats next time you’re there. They look absurd).

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  1. Woods

    if Dotcom has suddenly discovered his social conscience maybe he should go and clean up some of his crappy tags on peoples homes, cars and businesses…

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