More Acer Suspension Bridges For Grabs

A quick heads up for you on this one. Following the Triple Drop show, Acer apparently had loads of inquiries about his mini Clifton Suspension Bridge canvas/print/hand finished jobbies. Or, as he calls them ‘5 colour hand-pulled screen print on high quality deep edged box canvas, black acrylic and spray paint background’. Which sounds better to be honest.

So, he’s putting together another run of them, and if you fancy your own custom one, you’ve got until the end of this month to get in touch and let him know what background colour you’d fancy it having. So, kind of a mini commission. He’s got colours like these racked up so far, but the Belton colour pallete is (probably) your oyster.

£75 a shot, which isn’t too shabby at all, given one just sold at the Get Dring Mobile auction last week for £160. So, if you’re still after one of these (christmas shopping is coming up fast for one thing) then head over here to find out more.

Incidentally, Acer also won the Second Look photography competition we mentioned recently, as voted for by real people on the internets. So if you’re one of the many that backed the winning horse on this one, then why not head down to Photographique on Baldwin Street (number 31) tonight (Wednesday) from 6:30pm to have a little drinkie and watch a beaming man collect his prize.

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