Paris And Xenz – Badverts For Hire

This just in from two gentlemen of the TCF. Mess with them, and they’ll let people know. First target, Stokes Croft, where the word of the badvert is straightforward to spread.


Here’s the official statement.

We warned the guy in so called “Best” Supermarket on Stokes Croft that if he ripped us off with a 68p Wispa we would write it on a wall…..

Paris & Xenz, 2009

The guy with an expensive Wispa though may have started a new public service. The statement goes on to say…

Got a gripe?, Been ripped off ? We can help, big words for hire, coming to a wall near you soon, next target, those sharks in Cartridge world….

If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire, the Badvert team.


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13 responses to “Paris And Xenz – Badverts For Hire

  1. DQ

    oh the irony. i’m sure the street bombing, train painting graffiti purists out there could think up a few ‘badverts’ regarding TCF. whats the average asking price for a super cool edgy urban graff canvas these days anyway?

    swings and roundabouts as they say…

    • whoever

      dunno DQ and probably no point askin any of TCF either as they like most of the peeps who keep the real wheels -a-turning in this shallow town can’t sell much in amongst the ‘art this week, canoeing next week’ one trick ponies who breeze in and take the light, at least they don’t sting their customers with weak crap for daft money like some, it annoys me the flak this crew gets, from what I know they moved here to be near a feelin, to get down with fellow thinkers and not to ‘tap into a market’ like some I could mention and had their slippers on way before the big Bristol art boom, so they started as trad writers and then moved(not completely) on to canvas, like the Dondis, Futuras, Crashes, Mares of this world never did that? they’re low key, grounded and genuine and I’m damn sure if those who slate them actually took the time to speak to them they would see that and maybe regret being so harsh, the fact that they put this up shows they’re more about people than just themselves,
      show some love y’all..

      • DQ

        ‘low key’ and ‘grounded’ people don’t go round calling themselves kings. you couldn’t even put it down to hubris, it was proper delusional arrogance. i think that was the moment TCF lost the plot and played a part in dividing the scene in two, which is how it remains til this day.

        i didn’t address the actual ‘badvert’ in my first post but i’m glad you claimed that they’re ‘more about the people’. you wanna see something for the people? have a look at Stephen Powers’ latest project: (start at the beginning.) i think it knocks Paris and Xenz’s juvenile prank into a cocked hat, both in conception and execution. grow up lads.

        (this website is really bringing out my moaning side for which i apologise)

    • Ironside

      Sorry you’ve lost me. Could you explain what a ”super cool edgy urban graff canvas” is?

      • DQ

        Google those very words and pray that your lunch remains in your stomach…

      • whoever

        ennit Ironside? DQ how can you put the blame for this ‘divide’ on TCFs shoulders? they’re just like anyone else doing their thing and experimenting with mediums, time and environment forces diversification, Bristol was asleep when these guys arrived(tell me I’m wrong and you tell me much) and their love for the game and efforts did much to help raise this citys’ scene. In their own way they ARE kings just like every writer who’s been at it this long inspiring others(maybe not you) it doesn’t mean they rule YOU but that they rule their own destiny like every other writer that ever put a crown over their tag and while others are crying about it they’ll be out there hitting again as kings do, that wall changes daily and I’m sure they put that up well aware of that, it was merely a passing comment and not a ‘production’
        as you said this is your negative side so I’ll appeal to your positive side and ask you to appreciate where I’m coming from here
        Anyhow, forums are ‘bad news’, a space for the lazy and I’m sure we’ve all got plenty better to do, I have so laterz..

      • DQ

        i agree about forums – a conversation that would last a few minutes in person ends up taking 3 flippin days online.

        forget what i said about the ‘divide’ too, that was a throwaway comment and i haven’t got the time to clarify it on here. everything is fragmentary, even our own understanding of ourselves, never mind a silly ‘graffiti scene’.

        my own take on the king thing is similar to something Drax once said, that kings are people who painted in NYC thirty years ago and no one is handing out any crowns now, so why even worry about it. its an archaic word with great potential for misinterpretation. but everyone makes their own rules and wins, so i agree we are all kind of ‘kings’ along the lines you described. respect to TCF if thats where they’re coming from.

        amongst writers who do graffiti for pleasure the best writers are not the ones who paint the best pieces or do the most bombing, but the ones who enjoy graffiti the most. my own philosophy is rooted in the 1970s before Subway Art and Style Wars ruined graffiti irrecoverably (thank f*** for Reas and Ghost)

        (unfortunately doing graffiti for pleasure probably makes one a toy in the eyes of others – ‘he’s playing at it’ – who might see graffiti more like a sport, a job, a deadly serious art or intense therapy. whatever. the bottom line is we are all partaking in the ancient practice of ‘getting lost in the moment’ but instead of using fasting, drugs, divination or dancing, we paint. i am digressing big time now… time to stop)

  2. TheDaddy

    Excellent. 68p wispa is a fecking piss-take if ever i’ve heard one..

  3. rek_one

    Them Wispa Golds though. Nice them are.

  4. PARIS

    Cheers for the Espo & Reas link DQ, they ARE true Kings…

    What we did was for fun fun fun, done in the style of old butchers shop windows, which were around long before painted trains in New York….

    And by the way I love pre-1979 New York Subway Graffiti, check this book and get the true flavour-
    One of the best books I own…

    And for those who got our backs, thanks- you get it , and thats what counts.


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