Nick Walker – Wayz Of The Dragon

This has needed sharing for a while, so thanks to Full Cycle for the permission to blog it.

Back in 1998, after all the fun of the Mercury Music Prize and world tours, the good chaps from Reprazent did something a bit different, putting out an album under different names, collectively under the Dope Dragon label. It was launched round the start of June at Powerhouse (as was) down at the bottom of Stokes Croft, with the artwork from the album being projected onto the walls during the night, and a pretty large night it was too.

The artwork’s relevant to the blog though, because it was all done by Nick Walker, not just the cover, but also the CD insert and a special comic to go with it, with the DJs in it represented as cartoon characters. There was a 12″ version of it which must have looked great, but this work’s from the CD version.

So, possibly for the first time on the web, here’s what it was all about artwork wise.

The front cover…

nick walker ways of front cover small

…and back.

nick walker ways back cover small

The CD came in an insert, with track listings and so on.

nick walker ways cd sleeve 1 small

nick walker ways CD sleeve 2 small

The inner comic folded out, and started with this as background for it all.

nick walker ways inner intro small

Here’s the comic stiched together, it’s big (3mb or so each one), so don’t download if you’re on your phone or whatever. As ever, click for bigger.

nick walker ways comic side 1

Side 2

nick walker ways comic side 2

Finally, it you fancy checking out what Full Cycle was offering in the way of merchandise back in 1998 too, there was this at the end of the comic.

nick walker ways full cycle merch sheet small

So, a big load of tidy work from Nick Walker a fair old time ago. You can still find copies of the album for sale online, but it can cost a fair bit now. So if you want to have a listen, someone’s put all of it up on Youtube here. It’s all pretty bassy and experimental, but this blog would start with this one for something to wobble your legs to.


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  1. TheDaddy

    I’ve still got my vinyl copy with comic intact 😎

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