Paris’s Pop Stop

paris pop stop

Fun night on Thursday, down at Paris’s Pop Stop down on the Gloucester Road. The old Friend and Co Gallery’s only a small place obviously, but it was really interesting to see a wide selection of Paris’s work. Bit of a mix really, from these isometric marker pen drawings….

paris pics

…to these oil and acrylic ones…

paris pics 1

…to this old one from back in 2001.

paris 2001 pic

Nothing priced up, not about the selling really, but one of the most interesting bits was Paris digging in the crates for old photos, like these three, the first piece done by Paris and Xenz in 1988, the first Fantastic Super Heroes piece done in Bristol in 1997, and the first TCF piece done, back  in 1990. You can’t really see them from this photo, go in and see them yourself.

paris old pics

Outside, Paris was selling various things, stickers and fanzines of old photos. There’s going to be quite a few of them done in the future, bringing back the way graf used to be shared and communicated with people before the interweb turned up. Well worth getting your hands  them if you can, they’re proper little history books.

It’s going to be there for a bit, it’s open today in fact, and there will be other shows popping up in the future, so keep an eye on the blog for it all

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