Epok Et Al At Harry Blades And Angry Daves

Angry Daves on the Christmas Steps was always a top place, but from last Saturday, it’s moved a bit further down and across the steps, and expanded into hair dressing too, thanks to Brad who used to be at Mack Daddys. Now called Harry Blades and Angry Daves, it’s a bit of a one stop place for hair, shoes, clothes and so on.

Interestingly, being based in that area, they’ve resisted the temptation to become another street art gallery too, but they have got some bits in there from people you know.

Epok’s recently done a big piece all around the back courtyard, which, thanks to sun and yard shape, resists a full photo being taken of it wonderfully. Here’s an excerpt…

Epok hbad outside

…and some more.

epok hbad 2

Other people have done some bits inside too. Here’s 45RPM adding his touch to an old mounted bayonet. Nicely done.

45rpm hbad

Skater types might be interested to see the stickers on this…

hbad old skool skating goodness

…and here’s some pron for sneaker pimps.

hbad sneaks

It’s all been nicely done, and by top people too, so why not go and make friends with them over on their Myspace.

Have been meaning to blog these bits outside of the place for a while too. Crap graffiti, really crap, but childish and puerile in a truly british way.

outside hbad puerile

outside hbad puerile 1

Go on, admit it, you giggled.


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2 responses to “Epok Et Al At Harry Blades And Angry Daves

  1. JD

    Thats a mark gonzales vision board! I wonder if it was my old one?

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