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More news on the Get Dring Mobile auction happening next week then. First up, news for those good people wanting to bid on things in the catalogue. You’ve got to register in advance, but you can also put in absentee bids beforehand, or bid live from anywhere in the world. Here’s the details…

1: Bidding at the event

To bid at the event you need to register and be assigned a paddle number this can be done at the venue during the viewing days (14th & 15th October) or prior to this be emailing the following details to

Full name including title
Full address including postcode
Telephone number
E-mail address
Date of birth
How you heard about the auction

Once this is received we will inform you of your paddle number – the paddle then needs to be collected from the registration tables at the entrance of the Paintworks.

You cannot bid live in the room without a paddle.

——————————————————————————————————————— —
2: Commission / Absentee Bidding

If you are unable to attend the auction you can place a commission bid, you will need to register to place a commission (please refer to section 1). Once you have registered you can bid by e-mailing
your paddle number, the lot numbers and your maximum bids for each lot.

We will also require valid credit / debit card details – if you prefer not to e-mail these then please contact us on 07789 971273 and we will take them over the phone. We will send you a copy of you bid and and the terms and and conditions.

The auctioneer will then execute bids on your behalf and will undertake to purchase the lots as cheaply as allowed for by other bids and reserves and bidding increments. Winning commission bids will be charged so please ensure your bid is serious.

A full pdf document and lot listing can also be found on the Dreweatts web-site at where commission bids can also be placed.

——————————————————————————————————————— —
3: Live on-line bidding

A full catalogue listing is also available at, where you can listen to the auction live and bid on-line. To do this please follow the registration details on the-saleroom web-site.

Aside from that, at the event, there are going to be a load of individual postcards for sale, each done by artists whose names aren’t being made public in advance. If you fancy having a look and perhaps a bit of a guess before the event, here’s a gallery for you, with teeny tiny images of them for your cluedo style enjoyment.

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