Paris presents “Pop-Stop”

Paris pop stop 1

Here’s a cool idea from Paris, starting this Thursday at the (old) Friend and Co Gallery on Gloucester Road. The man himself explains it better than we ever could…

The “Pop Stop” is a unique experience, fusing the British tradition of the Jumble sale, with the art shows of New York in the 70’s and early 80’s. Taking a lead from the Fun gallery, Fashion Moda and of course Kieth Harings little shop….

This is a case of bringing art to the people. The “Pop stop” will appear at random all around bristol over the coming months.
I’ll post the chosen locations on the Pop-Stop Blog- – and there might even be a chance for Pop-Stop online shopping in the future…who knows.

Some of the goodies available at the Pop-Stop are….. hand made stickers, hand made books, mini prints, tee’s, graff mags ,cards, pens , trinkets and any other tat I can get my hands on…

All this and more!- delivered on a plate with a Micro-retrospective of my best paintings to-date.. too-boot.

Join me between 5pm-9pm on Thursday the 8th October, for late night “Poppin”, and enjoy cider based refreshments and other goodies too.

Sounds ace, that’s another blog for your bookmarks then.

Incidentally, Paris has been having a paint of the Friend and Co spot in the last couple of weeks, meant to link to the photos over on their blog the other week, so if you’ve not seen them yet, check them out here.

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