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As sometimes mentioned, loads of stuff gets sent in these days from more than just your average dood with a camera. A lot of it’s commercial advertising stuff and doesn’t make the cut (note for viral marketing agencies – the simple clue for the kind of content that gets covered is in the blog’s title*), but some of it’s more interesting, even if it doesn’t completely fit the bill

This one isn’t massively Bristol related, nor graf related in many parts, although it does feature good Mr Boswell. The promo image doesn’t download completely and the press release was pretty incomprehensible. But then that’s all kinda fitting, cos it’s about the art and music of the acid house scene, and seemingly co-put together by a member of Spiral Tribe. Got to be worth a look then.

Here’s some of the chat about it, which might give you some idea of what it’s about, you never know.

London Street-Art Design (Issue Two) magazine is hot off the virtual press and pirating the subliminal streams of cyberspace as you read this. Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the heyday of Acid House, and the gleaming artistic revolution on our streets, this issue weaves together the strands of the underground into a 400 page explosion of lyrical colour. From the apocalyptic wonders of Boswell to the raw subversion of K-Guy and T.WAT – from the aerosol alchemy of Maxx Moses to the guerilla knitting of Knit the City and the artistic melting pot of the legendary 5 Pointz, this issue’s art spans the cutting edge spectrum with the human face as a recurring theme through the work of Gregos, Hugh Leeman and the I am Here project.

With insight flowing from every page, left field articles, fiction and poetry tie together the streams of modern consciousness and straddle the worlds of street art and the acid house generation. Interviews with the original pioneers of house music such as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Kevin Saunderson, CeCe Rogers, Tyree Cooper, DJ Pierre, Mr Fingers, Jesse Saunders Marshall Jefferson, and many more crackle with the flame of musical emancipation, and the players of the illegal warehouse matrix shine through the haze of time to synthesise 2 epic movements of our underground into a cross fertilization of creative freedom.

Best of all, it’s one of those free download ones, although we’ve not managed to get it to download here yet. Click here to have a go yourself if you fancy it, if the content is anything like it says, there could be some diamonds in the dirt.

*And we don’t take bribes or payment either.

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