Bristol Student Union Antics

The nights are drawing in, the temperature’s falling, and the streets are starting to get covered in puke once more. Yes, the students are back, god bless’em.

UWE’s had it’s freshers antics pretty much now, but it’s all going off round Bristol Student Union on Queen’s Road this week for their freshers week. So, on Sunday, Upfest joined in with it all and hung three large pieces by Fake, Adam McLevey and SPQR off the side of the union building, along with a banner for themselves. It’s pushing the boundaries of what could even be called street art in a way, let alone graf, but here’s some photos for you.

FAKE, done with a handcut stencil apparently…

FAKE love 1

… Adam McLevey, hand painted it says here…

Adam Mclevey

…and SPQR on the end there


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  1. boltar

    bullshit artwork

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