Sickboy Temple 3D At Last

sickboy temple models

Times have moved on since 2007 obviously, but Sickboy’s temple being done as a 3d model was the second ever post on this blog (cringe), and the first of a fair few exclusives too. It all fell apart at the time, due to various people’s personal circumstances out of Sickboy’s control, but a prototype model popped up again in his London show last year, and now finally its getting a proper release. Here’s the story from the man himself. It’s not been easy…

“Nobody said it was going to be easy, and this definitely wasn’t. I’ve been laughed at by model makers, sneered at by spotty adolescents from Games Workshop, breathed in enough turpentine to keep a glue sniffer happy for years, and ruined my best shirt at the printers. But I couldn’t let this one slip through the net.”

The edition’s varied, there are four different types now, and the price has gone up a little from last time, but pretty soon you’ll be able to pick up a 3d Sickboy temple for yourself.

There’s more info on Sickboy’s website here. They’re looking tidy.

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