3rd Eye And Mr Jago In Weston Super Mare

On the surface of it, it might sound light a bit of an unlikely combo, graf artist 3rd Eye and self professed ‘not a writer’ Mr Jago. But that’s the thing about Bristol isn’t it, the vast majority of people aren’t too precious, and things grow and develop precisely because people of all different styles work alongside each other.

So, this is these two out in Weston-super-mare, painting a subway tunnel, and doing a damn fine job of it.

Here’s the 3rd Eye end of the tunnel, with a Jago hand on the fills.


And a Jago/3rd Eye combo end…


…bit closer, quite a lovely shot in a way…


…and some proper detail. Nice one.


If you fancy wandering down to see this, the whole of the inside of the tunnel is painted too, another youth project, but a bastard to get a photo of cos of the light. Turned out nice despite the circumstances (surface to paint on), so definitely worth a look.

Incidentally, if you’re still not fully up on the world of 3rd Eye/Green Bastid, then these links will help you fix that…



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2 responses to “3rd Eye And Mr Jago In Weston Super Mare

  1. jen

    Definitely worth the trip down this way to have a look at it, even if some kids have already gone a bit naughty on the inside of the tunnel.

    Of course, I’m biased, but the super-Mud is getting to be a nice little place for some art. (If you come down for the 3rd Eye and Jago, stay for all the stuff on the Trop and the ongoing Royal Hotel job!)

  2. len

    can someone tell me where this subway is? cheers. Len

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