North Road And Overton Road

A few bits have been going up over the last couple of months over Gloucester Road way, North Road, Overton Road kind of thing.

First up, there’s loads of these light bulbs round the area and further down towards Stokes Croft. Unsigned, don’t look familiar, interesting though. This one’s on North Road…

north road light

…and this one’s on the old Venue building where Overton Road meets North Road.

venue light

Just down the slope on Overton Road, a few stencilly bits.

overton road

A big tap with a long drip.

overton tap

Some abstract and slightly blurry stencillage

overton stencil

And this dood, seemingly with a hookah.

overton stencil 2

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One response to “North Road And Overton Road

  1. jen

    Saw another of those bulbs just off Queens Square. Didn’t get to stop to investigate, but might’ve been a tag near it (quite likely completely unrelated, though).

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