Massive Green Bastid

Fresh in from this weekend, a huge piece by 3rd Eye out on a house in Keynsham. Props to him for the photos, and Jonny Rench for sorting it out apparently. Nice work.






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14 responses to “Massive Green Bastid

  1. Ben

    That is outrageous.

  2. turroe

    if he gets enough complaints i rekon the council will make him paint over it even if he owns the house
    under the new graff policy or on the other hand votes to keep it….. looks tooo much, and whats with the bath/flower bed???

    • pat harris

      Hi there, the bathtub flower bed is the sole work of Johnny Rench, and was the inspiration to match the rest of the house in with it. It’s Bath Rd. so seemed appropriate. No complaints yet (official or otherwise) apart from our 95 year old neighbour who “is not impressed!”

    • Johnny Rench

      shut it turroe

      • DQ

        shut it toy.

        and the real Rench is from Berkshire, he’s been on the scene for a couple of decades. do your homework!

      • Johnny Rench

        Hey guy don’t take offense, none intended, just thought you were being a bit mean. I’m aware of Rench from reading and like the mans work. Johnny Rench is my birth name. I’m a nice guy really. Never did do homework, prefered detention. peace out.

      • frap

        DQ you should know better, writings about showing your own thing not biting previous wild styles. get a grip and take the violence outta hip hop.

      • DQ

        i’m not turroe.

  3. SH

    love it p.s Hazel knew it was you cos of the ?

  4. pat harris

    We, and most people love it (love could be a bit strong emotion for a painted wall), and we’ve never heard of the “Reading Rench.” Still no complaints . Johnny “The Bath” Rench is a mint and inspirational tubs-sprayer.

  5. sorse

    looks frikin sweet 3rd eye jus wish peeps in kwest will let me do their houses 2 m8…keep up the gr8 things bro… brizzleroX

  6. Thing is to get images of your house seen internationally, big internationally. Like being used in an episode of the utterly brilliant documentary series on Bristol youth which is getting ravest cult following in Australia, well, Quinninup at any rate. (I have just been told to note the title is Skins in case it is not obvious)

    Then, when the forces of repression try to get your house re-whited, you can demonstrate your paint job as an international ikon, like that dude in Germany or Austria who painted a whole town in great style – I think his name starts with K or H

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