Bristol Festival On Now

Bristol Festival opened up last night down round the Lloyds building on the harbourside. All a bit Bristol Media for the opening night, but today the festival kicks off proper, with all bands an that.

Loads of graf down there again as per last year, lots of different artists from last time, and it’s all looking good. The two runs of board down the ramp aren’t looking quite as connected as they were last year though, thanks to the council not allowing them to be painted on site. Still some great work though.

You should get down there to see all this for yourself, so a couple of crappy night time shots will have to do for now.

bris fest fri 3

bris fest fri 4

Also last night, and sadly only for last night, the 3D virtual Stokes Croft system was on display. Navigate around the croft using a dance mat style floor pad, and check out the work there over time. Sounds like this is just the start of bigger and better things too, which is great.

bris fest fri 2

One of the best bits of this year is the virtual graf wall moving from a small tent and taking over the entire side of the Lloyds building. All done with lights and projectors and so on, but it looks really impressive.

Here’s some of last night’s antics.

bris fest fri 1

bris fest fri 6

bris fest fri 5

On today and tomorrow and looking great, you really should wander down.

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