Stuff You Can Do

Few things have come in for those as may be interested.

First up, new blog on the block. MKWF, a well versed writer who the keener eyed will have seen with stuff for sale here and there over the last few years, finally setting out under his own name more fully. Add to your blog rolls and so on!

Next, the Weston Paint Jam all seems to have gone well, but there’s still a wall needing painting on the side of the Royal Hotel. It’s headed up by the infamous Adam McLevey, but they’re looking for lots of different people to take part to bring the whole thing together. More info here, Banksy may even leave his mark if they’re lucky.

Then, any artists, illustrators or even musicians fancy getting involved in a dance project, where all three skills are going to be brought together to tell the tale of a modern day Robin Hood? Early stages at the mo, but the organiser’s keen to hear from people, so if characters, comic book illustrations or beats are your thing(s), then get in touch.

Finally, the Three Lions pub still has a wall looking for a Bristol City piece doing on it. Painting in a pub is always a good deal, if anyone’s a city fan you should give it a thought.

As ever, bristolgraffiti AT if you’re interested.

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  1. jen

    Infamous, huh? I suppose he’s been called worse…

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