Bristol Festival Painting

It’s the Bristol Festival next weekend, promising to be as good as last years, and this time without the doubters. One change from last year though, whilst there’s going to be loads of painted boards up around the site, the council aren’t letting them paint them on site. Tagging on the floor last time apparently, even though none of the taggers were people who were painting the boards, so hard to see how it’s connected really.

Real shame that, there was a great atmosphere down there in the week running up to the festival, everyone hanging out and painting together created something really special. Still though, not to be beaten, the boards are being painted down in the south of the city as people have time. Meant to get down there last weekend but spectacularly failed, so thankfully Jon Davey‘s been down for some snaps…




…and another of his panoramas.

All looking good from the photos, and if this blog were Huggy Bear, word on the street is that there are some other pretty spectacular pieces already done as well. Look forward to seeing them…

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