Somethings For The Weekend

Busy old weekend of stuff coming up, lots of painting across the city and beyond. Some of it you won’t see for a bit, but other bits are more of a social affair.


First up, something that’s got a proper buzz going about it, the results of some hardcore planning and painting, the Triple Drop show by Acer, Dicy and Ziml down at the Centrespace gallery in the centre. It’s a show designed to price work fairly, and it’s looking like being up there as one of the shows of the year. Opening tonight (email for an invite if you’re quick), then running through until next Tuesday only.

Here’s a few teaser images for you…





Next up…

montpelier bean feast

…over in Montpelier on Saturday, they’re bringing back the Montpelier Bean Feast, a festival from the 1700’s. Lots going on, but of relevance to the blog is that loads of the garage doors up on St Andrews Road are getting painted by a bunch of folk. Line up not confirmed yet, some graf based, some not, but some big names by the look of it. Should be a fun day out.


Also on Saturday, further afield in Weston, there’s a massive load of painting going on at the Weston Paint Jam. There’s been talk of it getting cancelled, but it’s definitely on, painting at the Tropicana. Line up so far is MCL, SPQR, Frisky, Matti, Nine-0, Stickee, Elmo, NathanaelDraws, JK47, Khoi, Kone1972, Dead Posh and Prankz, with a few more in the pipeline too.

Loads on then, open doors day on Saturday too which is always interesting. The weather forecast’s looking dandy for Saturday and Sunday, so get off your computer and go and see real things!

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  1. woop ! paint jams gunna be good !

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