Round Stokes Croft September 09

There’s always so much going on around Stokes Croft, it’s not worth blogging every thing at every point. There’s been a fair bit more activity in new spots than usual of late though, so seemed timely to pull together a bit of an update. Starting from the top then, heading into town..

Paris back on these boards just down from the Croft. He’d have the full set of them…

paris patch

…if it wasn’t for Milk next door.

milk next to paris

This wall, opposite the ‘mild, mild west’ piece been an obvious candidate for painting for ages now. Was meant to be Inkie painting it at one point, but looks like Kai at this stage, not got details though.

hamilton house painting

Bit of a closer one.

hamilton house painting closer

The Boswell and Vermin work on these boards just next to the massage parlour lasted longer than it seemed it might at the start, but finally went a week or so ago. Nice to see it being kept as a graf based board, there’s been some good work on here.

stokes croft wildstyle

The 3Dom and Voyder head, having been dogged, got painted over pretty quickly. This is it round the start of the month…

zase partial

…and this is it now, with the other Paris piece next door.

paris and zase

Bit closer.


Further down, more Paris on the boards next to Roman Glass.


And the Attic Bar’s had a bit of a makeover, probably so people can tell where it is more easily. Looks like Haka’s been given the gig for it, this was it early on…

haka partial

…which turned into this at the end.

haka faces

Some tidy sign work too.

haka attic bar

So, there we are, Stokes Croft. A great place for street art and graffiti, with crap light for photography in the morning.

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One response to “Round Stokes Croft September 09

  1. Dan A

    I saw this being painted! A guy was spraying in the little squares.

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