Ullo John, Wanna New Motor?

Quite a few painted cars and vans round Bristol these days, and if you fancy one without having to sort out a commission, then this might be the thing.

flx car

Painted by Flx a short while back, this lovely little runner looks like it’s currently going for a steal on Ebay, have a look for yourself here…


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4 responses to “Ullo John, Wanna New Motor?

  1. Bedd Gelert

    What a complete fucking wankfest this is.

    It is all very well having the over-rated Banksy in the City Museum. But how the fuck do the silent majority of people, many of whom are not even on-line, express a view that they don’t want the rest of Bristol looking like the fucking hell-hole of litter and prostitution which passes for Montpellier these days to be visited on the rest of Bristol ??

    It makes the place look shite, crime goes up and the broken windows and squatters soon follow. But that is fine for the pretentious middle-class wankers who believe the results of these fatuous and unscientfic online ‘polls’ which are nothing of the sort, as they can fuck off back to Henleaze or Westbury-on-Trym or Stoke Bishop or Clifton after a busy day inflicting their artistic tastes on people who didn’t ask for it, and don’t endorse it.

    Hopefully the people inflicting this virus of paint and cancer of graffiti on the city will suffer from a deadly illness and get a taste of their medicine and know what it feels like to have any form of choice removed from them.

    • bristolgraffiti

      Ironically of course, the legend of Gelert, to which Bedd Gelert is a memorial, is one of not jumping to conclusions without the full facts. Have you got any links for graffiti causing litter and squatters, as opposed to just taking place alongside it?

      The whole point of what’s going on at the moment, especially from a council point of view, is to improve areas with street art, rather than leaving them looking run down, and see what art the public support and what they don’t.

      As for their methodology, wouldn’t completely disagree with you there, but what would you suggest instead? Should any and all painting in public places be banned, be it tagging or large commissioned murals? That would seem like a bit of a step backwards from the last few thousand years of human behaviour.

  2. hibster

    weirdest of all that they choose a post about a car to make their “point”

  3. ross

    i disagree and love your work and gladly offer you my motor to use as canvas flx

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