A St Andrews Path

Just a quick one, from a small path in St Andrews, running between Belmont and Effingham Roads. Nothing particularly special at all, but home to a few old stencils, possibly reasonably old.

Anything that’s there is on here.


An angel stencil, either from google or the kitchen shop clearly.


Fun to see one of these still around though, another old Stollof and Hopkinson stencil. Used to be loads of them round this way.

stol and hop

This might be another google job too, but it raised a smile at least.



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2 responses to “A St Andrews Path

  1. DOn

    Whats the red one??

  2. d.

    the first 2 are for old house nights that used to happen on cornstreet on sundays.. the first ones gods kitchen and the red one’s safehouse.. tidy stencils, messy events!

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