More Bits On Picton Lane And Stokes Croft

As anyone with half an eye on Flickr will know, the Lakota got painted at the weekend, more on that very soon.

In the meantime though, here’s a few bits down on the ever unusual Picton Lane.

Pretty, erm, simple stencils.

cow stencils picton lane

And someone’s stuck up some manner of oil painting too…

picture picton lane

…with not much added to it really. No idea.

picture close up picton lane

This cute chap’s got another plant for this year though…

watering gnome picton lane

…dunno if it’s just luck or if someone makes sure weeds grow there anyway.

watering gnome picton lane close

Other bits that may be of interest whilst Lakota photos are still being ploughed through. This piece was dogged on Saturday night, and has probably come to a natural end now, having lasted nearly a year or so.

3dom voyder head dogged

The Krah’s been back chaining work to lamposts too…

the krah on stokes croft

…bit closer.

the krah on stokes croft closer

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