Minto Road, St Werburghs

Bit of back to the old school down this road really, which was probably quite a cute street til they built warehouses all round it. Looks like there’s been a fair bit of chrome paint buffed off round here over time, but there are still some stencily bits.

warehouse minto road

Mostly here, with a familiar handstyle in the middle.

stencils and hand styles minto road

Didn’t think any of these survived any more, must be pushing 10 years old this one, the snails are pretty old too.

jeffrow minto road

This is well faded, but there’s another one in a pedestrian underpass by the Ikea bit of the M32.

lips stencil minto road

Here’s what it should look like…

This little chap seems to be surviving too.

character minto road

and down at the other end of the road, once again the stencil that everyone thinks is a Banksy but isn’t.

not a banksy minto road


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5 responses to “Minto Road, St Werburghs

  1. Dave

    You can still find one of those monkey’s down by God’s Garden on Cumberland Road, opposite the Louisiana.

  2. hibster

    there’s one of those jeffrow monkeys by the loui still as well

  3. graffiti of life

    hey i have a blog to if u want to check it out u can i just strated but i have graffiti on there but anyway the website (

  4. Not the monkey, but there’s some old Jefrow up by the Deaner not been there for 6 months or so, but it was lasting pretty well against the elements.

    Those monkeys are so old, they were up when I was going to school. He put some up in the underpass by Ashton Park school, and it was pretty much my first exposure to stencils.

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