Another Non Banksy

Don’t you just wish Banksy would actually paint something outdoors in Bristol soon, just to stop the Evening Post running story after story on pieces done with a stencil ‘possibly being Banksys’?

Here’s another one for you from yesterday. Clearly not a Banksy, the colours are too flat, there’s overspray round the edge of the stencils, and it’s just not his style. Still, it must sell papers or they wouldn’t do it.


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2 responses to “Another Non Banksy

  1. josh

    all this stuff about banksy being a bristol city and his pieces being attacked by rovers fans is a bit far fetched isnt it? and its pretty obvious all these pieces are not banksys XD

    • bristolgraffiti

      It is a bit, especially when you consider the Mild Mild West has been attacked with both red and blue paint so far.

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