Vermin And Boswell Down Dean Lane

From the weekend before last this one, and already all over the web, but can’t leave it unblogged really. Another epic work from Vermin and Boswell, thanks to all who sent photos in of it! Think this one’s Kineta’s.

vermin and boswell dean lane early august 09

UPDATE: Given the comments below, ta to G for this photo which adds a bit of context to what’s happened.

vermin, boswell and kids


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14 responses to “Vermin And Boswell Down Dean Lane

  1. Alien

    Uuurgh! Original or wot? !!

    Vermin and Boswell keeping the graff world alive and definately kicking in Bristol. Top stuff….

  2. Bilko

    So hideous it is beautiful.
    So wrong it has to be right.
    This makes me feel all weird.
    Not often graff makes you FEEL.

  3. As of yesterday (Tues 12th) this great piece has been dogged (not a shock at Deanlane I know – but read on) along with EVERY other piece (some lovely stuff) down at the bottom by De Baron. Not even a ‘young un’s’ tag or dub but big, grey, nasty insults: ‘C*nt’ and a swastika over 3dom, ‘Queer’ over the above and various other words directly over everything in sight – Sokers, Ziml’s etc. This is not even dogging really as ‘dogging’ is at least in a graf context. Mindless destruction. Ive heard some stories about this guy…

  4. VN

    Jody can the above piece be fixed it has some relevant importance. Or is it dogged too much?

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Sounds like it all needs a repaint pretty sharpish, or the council will be down with their grey paint. Don’t think they’re fans of stuff that’s actually just offensive.

  6. Jimmy Greaves

    i’ve tried to warn De Baron’s ‘fans’ on flickr about him on numerous occasions but they just delete my comments and continue to photograph/promote his dumb scribbles, presumably because they think everything he does is imbued with ‘nostalgie de la boue’ or ‘raw vision’ or something equally wanky. he is a scumbag! seriously. you wouldn’t want to hear the stories. avoid at all costs.

  7. De Baron

    legal walls are lovely–but if you want your graff to last then LETTING THE COUNCIL DICTATE WHERE YOU PAINT (as most of bristol “writers” do) clearly isnt the answer…x

  8. Alien

    Were these walls always Legal? I believe they have been taken over by the ‘writers’ over the last decade. Maybe you should save your fascist comments for the illegal walls.

    Seriously you have a problem, and it is now on view for young people to see. What an achievement.

  9. jody

    Yes it’s repairable. Unless it’s been hit again since – to the left of the syringe. J

  10. Karl Marx

    Toys will be toys. But at the same time don’t get too precious. Don’t paint at the Deaner if you want it to last. This spot is dead to me now.

  11. Kineta

    minutes from one of DEP (Dame Emily Park Group) meetings

    “We feel strongly that the high quality graffiti art that occurs in the Park is a key part of what makes the Park so vibrant and distinctive and we wish to see it encouraged.

    We feel that a) will help bring a currently neglected area of the park back into greater usage and may assist with the clean up of that part of the Park, and also the regulation and maintenance of that area through the presence of the artists.

    In terms of b), we feel that a large scale mural will be a considerable improvement on the current hotch potch of low quality graffiti and “tagging” that currently exists as well as, given Rob’s (Rob Lawes) standing as an artist, a significant artwork in the Park that will celebrate and enhance the key role the Park plays in the cultural life of South Bristol.”

    The people that use the love the High Quality Graff that is done on a regular basis down there, what pisses people off is the Tagging/Dogging by the like’s of De Baron and others, the only thing De Baron is doing for the park is adding fuel to the fire so to say, and Giving Graff Artist’s a bad name, The reason the back of the swimming pool was buffed is due to the tagging/dogging.

    If things carry on going the way they are, with the mindless, unecessary Tagging/Dogging (all though I know the word dogging for other uses lol) the council will more than likely buff the whole place, and the park will loose its true spirit!

    Something that the people of Bedminster love!

    “a) will help bring a currently neglected area of the park back into greater usage and may assist with the clean up of that part of the Park, and also the regulation and maintenance of that area through the presence of the artists.”

    They (DEP) are basically asking the Artist to help with park, also the DEP have raised 45K (and are waiting to hear if they have a grant for futher 20K) to replace all the ramp’s ect.. and improve the skate park, which is something else for you to get invloved with, at the end of the day its the people’s park, the ones who use it, to paint, skate or just sit there and chill, so maybe some of you should offer to help, or get in contact with DEP Group, and have your say!!!

  12. vN

    The fact that the title was painted with a tampon and 4 days later found out my partner was pregnant with our 3rd child makes this piece quite precious..
    Caused quite a stir this one, with the children young and old…

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