Montpelier Bean Feast – Artists Needed

Thanks to PRSC for the heads up on this one, an opportunity to paint the garage doors (and there are a good few of them) up at the top of St Andrews Road in Montpelier. Here’s the details…

A group of Montpelier residents have formed to resurrect the Montpelier Bean Feast – a community event that used to take place annually in the Bath Buildings/St Andrews Rd area in the 1700s.

At the top of St Andrews Rd there are lots of garages, most of which are covered in tagging.  We would like to engage garage owners in an initiative to turn these spaces into ‘canvases’ for local street artists and young people (and ideally create collaborations between them).  Over time, we’d like the area to become a positive creative space like an outdoor art exhibition.

The plan is to get some transformations happening on the day of Sat 12th September as part of the Bean Feast event.  That way we can show the rest of the community what’s going on and get more interest for future developments.

It’s slightly old news now, so not sure how many spaces are left. But if anyone fancies being put in touch with the organisers to find out more, then get in touch – bristolgraffiti AT

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