Stop Me Before I Redact Again…

Thanks to the Bristol Blogger’s Twitter for the heads up on this one, looks like someone working for The Art Newspaper and The Sunday Times has tried to FOI all of the information Bristol City Council holds on the Banksy show, and the council’s released most of it, as far as required to and with bits blacked out and so on.

Not too much of interest in it, mostly just versions of contracts, and a few emails with an edge of worry about the FOI process itself, as you’d expect given the agreements the council’s signed about confidentiality. There’s an inventory for the exhibition in there though (document ending 16920), and also mention of a possible book being written about the exhibition, or at least the rights being reserved for one.

The main bit of amusement is the level of attention they’ve paid to blacking out details. It’s fairly comprehensive, blacking out the name of Banksy’s management company, the PR company used for the show, and so on. But the blacking out’s not particularly consistent across documents, so you can see and work out a fair bit of the blacked out info if you compare different versions.

Pretty dull really though, just blogging it for the sake of completeness really. ‘Bloke from Bristol holds show in local museum, is managed by Pest Control’ seems to be about the sum of it. The original requester’s not satisfied though, so another request has gone in. Watch this space!

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