Live Painting At The Bank Tavern

Live painting events. There are still some great ones going on, but they’re getting to be the inner city version of a hog roast now, words that venues use to pull in more people to buy drinks during otherwise quite times. There was another live painting yesterday, this time down at the Bank Tavern in the centre (John Street off Broad Street).

One of the painters was called Pistol, no idea on the others. Here’s where things were up to during the early afternoon.

bank tavern live painting

bank tavern painting 1

bowie stencil bank tavern


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10 responses to “Live Painting At The Bank Tavern

  1. uuurgh!

    bloody bandwagon$!

    all these jumpons are making me ill!

  2. Jake from UpFest organised this get together. Think the other half of the UF crew were at the BoardMasters event in Newquay. Or somewhere like that.


  3. Aye, a lot of them were painting it up in Cornwall but Pistol, myself, Los Stencilos, Elmo, JK47 and 20/20 were in Bristol making the most of the good weather.

    You can check out my snaps from the day at:

  4. uuurgh!

    stencils with no content…..yaaaaaawn!
    its ok,they’ll stop soon when they realise they aren’t not making any money!

  5. Pahnl

    Reserve your judgement until you’ve met the people you criticize, these are all great people who produce work in the spirit of street art.

    Our motivation isn’t money, we’re out for a good time and to brighten up a few walls along the way but no one’s going to stop you from ignorantly assuming whatever you like, uuurgh.

  6. uuurgh!

    fairdoos, they probably are nice people (id like to hear their thoughts on illegal graffiti though!), im not questioning that.but their art works boring me stupid!i try to appreciate all forms of public expression, but some originality would’nt go a miss!

    just going insane with the amount of people jumping on the ‘street art’ ‘graffiti’ culture, and diluting a movement with this type of bland type of imagery and worn out medium!

    rant over

  7. toytown

    the ‘culture’ doesn’t belong to anyone .. if you think it isn’t strong enough to survive on its own merits , then maybe its not worth saving ! … there’s enough ‘exclusive’ clubs in this world – lets at least allow the freedom of expression to be ‘all included’ ..even if it is boring .. uninspiring..bland.. lets fight against the mass corporate rape of our collective arses (and minds) first . when my streets are no longer filled with adverts , neonlights , pollution, poverty, dogshit, needles , muggers etc….. then maybe i will start to censor who can and who cant paint , and what can and what cant be painted. (but probably not!!)

  8. josh

    well said toytown

  9. uuurgh!

    paintings that show this anguish of ‘adverts , neonlights , pollution, poverty, dogshit, needles , muggers etc…’have much more merit in my own eyes, and do more for the cause of waking up the masses minds to the ‘corporate rape’.

    i need art with heart, sometimes just doing it just isn’t enough.quiet word or kick in the balls?!

    • toytown

      quote uuurgh! “paintings that show this anguish of ‘adverts , neonlights , pollution, poverty, dogshit, needles , muggers etc…’have much more merit in my own eyes”

      absolutely …couldnt agree with you more ..
      but to be fair if you look across the whole spectrum of graff from oldschool writers to the freshest faced ‘artfag’ street artist , stuff with a real message is few and far between .. i am often dissapointed by the lack of ‘content’ when i see how much effort goes into pieces ..for example hell of a lot of ‘old school writers’ concentrate almost wholly on lettering and wildstyle … and newbie stencil artists the world over are cutting and recutting pop icons, film stars and sexy ladies … i appreciated the skills in both cases, but both are equally vacuous in terms of ‘waking up the masses’ ( saying that i would prefer to see some wildstyle over a stencil of michael jackson any day !! LOL )
      so to measure ‘merit’ upon the terms you have laid out above , i would say the ‘old school’ and the ‘new school’ both have a long ways to go !

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