Fake Banksys In Bristol

With the show on and all that at the moment, lots of people (especially the media) have been on the look out for new Banksys appearing in Bristol.

Not seen or heard of any yet, but there have been more than a few pieces suspected of being. These two round Clifton seem very Banksy like, but sure they’re not,  unless he’s gone back to spraying work from a few years ago on a scale he didn’t much use even more years ago.

new banksy

Not banksy

Thanks to Jeremy for the heads up and photos.


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4 responses to “Fake Banksys In Bristol

  1. Unity.

    The squirrel’s by SPQR.

  2. Bilko

    Same idea, different rodent?!

  3. toytown

    the rats country cousin – the squirrel – decided to get in on the action !!
    ‘Nuts’ for not thinking of the idea first
    ‘Nuts’ to the price tags
    ‘Nuts’ to everything.

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