Back Once Again…

Well, the blog’s back from a fun time away, hope the old Banksy photos have been of interest. Will be keeping on with those, but lots going on in the meantime.

Few things of note from this side from the last couple of weeks. The graf in Paris really is bonkers. As Felix once said “If Bristol thinks it’s got a problem with graffiti, people really should go out and see what they do in Europe.”

Never seen so much tagging and trackside writing over such a huge area before, and yet so few bigger pieces or full on productions. Characters seemed pretty non existent too. Interesting to see such a contrast with the Bristol scene. Here are a couple of the many vans that seem to act as moving walls for one…

abroad (1)

abroad (2)

abroad (3)

Amusing to see writers out there called ‘Aker’, ‘Yulk’ and ‘Sokar’ as well.

Second, was really great to meet up with the immensely friendly and hospitable gang from the Readers Wives Collective over in Guernsey. A top bunch of people, who are always keen to get people over from Bristol for shows as well.

So, if you fancy putting on a show and making it a bit of a holiday whilst getting treated to some true Guernsey hospitality, then it’s well worth getting in touch with them. Top folks.

They’ve got a show with China Mike and friends opening up in their gallery over there on the 11th of September, and almost by return, they’ve got a show of their own (with various collaborations) coming up at the Friend and Co Gallery on Gloucester Road on the 1st of October.

Here’s a bit of what they’ve done when over in Bristol in the last while.

rwc wall

rwc red wall

rwc bicycle

rwc take one and shut up

There was also the WSSK show going on over there at the time in Castle Cornet in St Peter Port. Unfortunately due to bits getting nicked, it’s been closed other than by invitation, and the previous night’s partying meant we missed getting round to seeing it. Gutted. Anyway, apparently it’s in an old bunker in the castle, possibly even this one. If not this one, then there’s an Antony Gormley on top of it there for your enjoyment anyway.


In complete contrast to France, there’s hardly any street based work in Guernsey at all. Here’s one odd bit that was there though, someone’s cut a stencil of the Banksy ‘Stop and Search’ print and sprayed it onto the door of one of the many old German bunkers out there.

abroad (4)

Closer (photos from a moving bus are never that good are they).

stop and search close up

Thanks to all who have sent stuff in the last couple of weeks, it’ll be getting blogged over the next few days.

Anything else of interest happened in the meantime?


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3 responses to “Back Once Again…

  1. josh

    Ive just got back from paris, the graffiti is crazy not as much high quality stuff as bristol though, but i guess you have to know where to look, i remember seeing sokar alot too and space invader. heres a few of the photos i took.

  2. Love those vans in Paris. I was talking with Rudel (Sebastian) from Lyon a few months back and in Paris they have an ‘Anti Graf Squad’ on the other end of a walkie literally sat there like the Fire Brigade ready to buff anything that goes up – most stuff sadly doesnt last 24 hours.

    • bristolgraffiti

      Wow, and yet the outcome of such a squad still leaves the city looking like it’s been bombed by a bunch of crazed acrobats all heavily addicted to the smell of Belton. Perhaps they don’t cover train tracks then, or Montmartre (where these vans were), cos I’ve never seen so many tags and throw ups over such a huge area. Quite a few stencils too as it happens.

      Do wonder if that outcome isn’t because of having such a squad, rather than inspite of it. Perhaps it just pushes people to paint as much as possible before it gets buffed.

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