Battle Of The Boards – The Saga Continues

Remember these boards? Painted by Cheo and 3Dom, then painted out by the council without the owner’s permission, for which the chief exec apologised.

Well, they’ve been pretty much unpainted for a bit, but at the weekend Sepr went back to paint them, starting on Saturday, but not being able to go back and finish them on Sunday due to the rain. Seemingly the only photo of the work as far as it got up to is courtesy of Unity on Flickr (click for bigger).

sepr nearly finished on stokes croft

They looked like that this (Monday) morning too, but by this evening, they’d been blacked out by council workers again. Someone’s already been past and added their own contribution to the debate by the looks of things though.

stokes croft building painted out long shot

Close up on the left…

when will you learn stokes croft

…and the right.

you're just making things worse stokes croft

So, painted out in less than a day then. Let’s not forget that whilst the building may apparently be Grade II listed, the boards on which the painting is actually being done seem very unlikely to be. Leaving the boards painted black when the rest of Stokes Croft is covered in murals just looks ridiculous as well, hardly an improvement to the area.

Sure the PRSC will have some comment on this very soon.


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18 responses to “Battle Of The Boards – The Saga Continues

  1. Decy

    typical small minded BCC, if it ain’t Banksy then they don’t consider it worth a damn

    it is this sort of behaviour which will mean people will stop painting in these legal spots and hitting anywhere they like, if the council is going to buff it anyway why not make them travel further afield than Stokes Croft

    Its a shame that the owner of the building can’t take further action against the council for vandalising his building, after all its the building thats listed not the chipboard, unless those chipboards have some historic value to Bristol!

  2. Jimmy Greaves

    judging from the photos this new stuff looked more inappropriate than the 3dom ‘monster’ last time!
    so the buffers were probably acting on a complaint from a resident again. fair’s fair, the artists failed. adapt your subject matter or get buffed, its pretty straightforward.

    • Boswell

      what if it was just one person complaining?You cant say an artist has failed because one person didnt like it…I cant think of one work of art where there would be 100% agreement on wether it was good or bad….ridiculous idea .I dont know how many complained or what the details are but say for instance that same person who complained then liked the next attempt which might be more user friendly..then someone else complained about that saying it was too flufy or cheesey what happens then?..surely a community is comprised of lots of different types of people with different opinions and tastes …?

      • Jimmy Greaves

        nah i’m saying the artist failed cos he got caught slipping by the buffers. he went into it armed with the knowledge that a previous ‘dark’ painting had been buffed there. its down to him.

        for instance i could go paint a train and i would want that train to run the next day with my piece on it, so the last thing i’d do is jeopardise that by painting something inappropriate, say swastikas and racist slogans – now that train is never leaving the yard! same difference.

        at the end of the day its all about ‘getting over’ whether what you’re doing is legal or not.

  3. Ben

    So the long looming battle about what is ‘acceptable’ graf is finally with us. I think the Council are going to tie themselves in knots about this.

    Re- Jimmy’s comment above – Surely inappropriateness is in the eye of the beholder. I was unaware that we could manage our visual environment by dint of complaints from residents; I look forward to loads of ad hoardings that I find offensive being buffed following my complaints… ; )

  4. Unity.

    ‘Adapt your subject matter or get buffed’ sounds a lot like ‘aim for the lowest common denominator’. Do we really want every work to be of flowers and kittens?

    Besides, if the Council believe that the piece requires, and doesn’t have, planning permission or listed building consent then they are required to serve notice on the owner before buffing. Otherwise they would be acting unlawfully.

  5. bristolgraffiti

    It’s interesting isn’t it, can we all start getting NIMBY about things we don’t like the look of? What if they got more complaints about those boards being black than they did about the piece in the first place (which is what may have happened last time anyway)?

    Think the council did serve notice on the owner last time, but they said to speak to PRSC, and it all went a bit circular. There’s stuff in the comments here from the last one –

  6. Jimmy Greaves

    typical disingenuous, smart arse replies as i expected!

    i really couldn’t have said it any plainer in my first post. i don’t see what needs to be debated. ain’t nothing to it but to do it!

    its funny, when guys like Os Gemeos realised they pretty much had the run of Sao Paolo and could paint all day on Sundays, their instinct was to paint lots of family-friendly characters along with their relatively illegible (to the layperson) letterforms. its a shame that Bristol’s street artists are not only light years behind them in terms of work ethic and talent, but also in maturity.

    • turroe

      paint what you want, where you want and when you want! dont be dictated to by anyone (street artists) pffft! /graff writers cannot be and will not be censored! whatever ???jimmy!

      • Jimmy Greaves

        exactly! it couldn’t be simpler: paint something appropriate on this spot then move onto the next one, plenty of blank walls out there. hit it and quit it like James Brown.

  7. Boswell

    Maybe SOF should paint something fluffy on there…the council are like that character from the Fast Show;”Black it out Black it out”!!

  8. Nick Carrs..

    ha haa! nice one boswell,id forgot about the!…Any piece,is better than a black wall?..if the people dont really like it… fuckin what!,i dont really like people!.(and ive seen so many billboards in this city that i dont agree with that the arguements fucking pointless.)..and i dont wanna be i dick jimmy (i loved you playing football),but ive always thought Os Gemoes were fuckin shit!!!(sorry i cant be more articulate,and join in with the debate society..but im drunk and on holiday!!).

  9. Typowriter

    What is even more petty about the councils action this time is that SEPR avoided painting on the building itself and only painted the boards. I’m pretty certain shutter boards can’t be listed.
    The stuff about listed building status that Ormodroyd is spouting out of her obnoxious face is pure bollocks.

  10. mo lo

    I like it black

  11. toytown

    I look inside myself and see my heart is black
    I see my red door, I must have it painted black
    Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts
    It’s not easy facin’ up when your whole world is black

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