More Bits Round Glastonbury – Queen’s Head, William’s Green, The Snug

Still not got everything blogged from Glastonbury this year, few more bits to go, so here’s some. Where the Leftfield tent used to be, down by the meeting point, had been covered this year with a stage called the Queen’s Head, and a Sony sponsored computer games area, and chill out area, and stuff.

To pretty it all up, they commissioned a couple of mysterious Bristol connected artists to paint someone else’s design all over the front of the place, the legendary duo of Epson Von Stylus and Mr Belvedere.

‘The Snug’, apparently.

the snug glatonbury

‘William’s Green’, think this is where the playstations n that were.

williams green glastonbury

The Queen’s Head Bar…

queens head bar glastonbury

…and some more next to the Queen’s Head Stage.

next to queens head stage glastonbury

A good job in brightening up what was a ridiculously busy area, full of bright young things. Hopefully the Leftfield tent will be back next year…

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